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Welcome to the “Chronicles of Argo” Deathwatch RPG Campaign.

It will be run as a typical mission setup Deathwatch RPG between local friends. Game sessions will take place on classic “Pen n Paper” style while here, in Obsidian Portal, will be a place to post After action reports, mission summaries, fluff and background info.

Each campaign round (the time space between sessions) will be used to present pre-mission info, fluff and details for the players to access and take better decisions on the “mission day”.

Also, from time to time I will be posting background relevant (or irrelevant) data and fluff that will help slowly build up the setting mood.

The main scenario structure is this: Argo is a long range Deathwatch patrol ship and the players start their after training period upon it under the command of Watch Captain Solomon, a Black Shield Veteran of the Deathwatch and a mysterious guy also he is.
As “Argo” is going to travel its long voyage into hostile territories going from outpost to outpost will come across new adventures.

Home Page

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